February Update + Local Rules review

James H. Carswell won the individual Points competition last night with a score of 34 points and James and Colin won the Team competition with a combined score of 56 points.

The scores were less than customary as we completed only 7 of the 9 disciplines which was caused by the introduction of the addition of a Team competition. If this is to be retained, we may want to look again at how best to organise the playing procedures to streamline the process. The Greenacres Salver league starts next Wednesday, and I thought that it would be a good idea to remind our skips that the existing Local Rule 4, in effect, provides that league matches shall be played “to the bell”. This, long standing local rule has, I suspect been forgotten about as matches, in the past, have been conceded. I had carried out a review of our existing Local Rules as some of them needed to be updated to reflect decisions which had been made at recent AGMs.

Finally, there are still 9 places available for the penultimate bonspiel of this season, the McLeod Cup, on Monday 20th February at 8.30pm. Please email me if you want to play.


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