New Team Points competition

Our Points competition will take place next Wednesday, 1st February, at 8.30pm and 10 members have confirmed that they hope to compete for the Points Shield.

In addition to the customary singles competition, this year we will be running a 2-person team competition simultaneously.

As for the first round of the Doubles, we will be drawing the teams from two pools of players as well as the order of play around 8.15pm next Wednesday. The pools are :-

Experienced Points “ExP”


James H.




Less Experienced Points “LP”

Andy C.





Rules for Team Points  

  1. No rotation of playing order.
  2. ExP throws first stone followed by the LP and this is repeated for the second, third and fourth stones in each discipline.
  3. Both team members can sweep.
  4. Play stops after the bell once all teams have completed the discipline which the first team has started.
  5. In the event of there being a tie in the total number of points for the singles and/or team competitions the 10th discipline shall be played and replayed until necessary.
  6. There will be two prizes (if the individual and team competitions are won by members in the same team) or three prizes, if this is not the case.

I hope that the foregoing is clear but if you have any questions, please let me know before next Wednesday.


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