Reid Rosebowl

Four teams took part in the bonspiel on Wednesday, with the teams being drawn on the night as usual. In the first set of games Team Atari (Brian, James H & Rhona) were off to a quick lead ending up four shots up. In the other match a tight game ended up with Team Rubik (Andy R, Ewen & Andrena) losing out by one shot. After the changeover, Team Simon Says (Billy, Andy C & Colin) shook things up with Andy C skipping the match. This meant two skips from Howwood going head to head as they played Team Commodore 64 (Graeme, Margaret S & Robert).

Both skips consider using the stone on the wing as Billy concentrates on who is lying shot

It was Team Simon Says who came out on top adding to their first game win ending up five shots up, but it was not enough to beat Team Atari who also won their second match with a final tally of nine shots up.

Reid Rosebowl Winners 2023-24 Brian (centre), James & Rhona

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