Rotating Skips Bonspiel Dec. 2017

The annual Rotating Skips Bonspiel was played at Greenacres Icerink on Wednesday 13th Dec.  In the first set of games Ewen, Robert Humphrey and Aiden peeled their game with James H, Robert Staples, Colin and Andy Connie. A coin was tossed and James H and the rest of his Rink moved sheets to play Andy R, Nancy and Brian's daughter,  winning by 5 shots up. In the other game on sheet E Brian, Jonathon (Heron) and Rhona were four shots up over Andy R Nancy and Brian's Daughter Rachel. Then playing Ewen, Robert H and Aiden winning by 2 shots up giving them a total of the Bonspiel of 6 shots up to win the Que Sera Quaich, with James H Robert S, Colin and Andy C runners up on 5 shots up.

          Que Sera Quaich Winners

Brian and Jonathon  Heron and Rhona Robinson.

Kirktonfield Cup Semi-Final

The Kirktonfield Cup semi-final was played at Greenecers on Monday 11th December. The winning Rink was James H Carswell's rink of Sheila Smith, Rhona Robinson and Robert Humphrey with a score of 13 shots to 8 against James R Carswell's Rink of Rosemary Griffiths, Tom Wood and Alan Sinclair.

James H Carswell's Rink will play Ewen Cameron's Rnk of Brian Heron, Andy Connie and David Scougall at Greenacres on Wednesday 20th December 20:30 Ice.

Cowdenhall Salver

Uplawmoor CC and Neilston CC played their annual friendly for the Cowdenhall Salver on Monday 20th November 2017. It was a very close match. After 3 ends and the first change, Neilston were ahead 8 shots to 4 but Uplawmoor came back and were in a winning position in the lead up to the three Neilston skips throwing the last stones of the match. Brian and Ewen each managed to score 3 shots with their last stones to secure the victory for Neilston of 17 shots to 15.


Neilston Points Competition and Curling Supper

Neilston CC Points Competition was held at Greenacres Icerink on Saturday 9th December. Winner with a score of 56 points was James R Carswell, second position was won by James H Carswell with 39 points and a very close third was Billy Ferrie with 38 points.

After the Points Competition, members enjoyed The Annual Curling Supper at Andy and Rhona's where a good time was had by all who attended. Colin Melrose was the winner of the annual Curling Supper Boules competition.

Reid Rosebowl Bonspiel

The Reid Rosebowl Bonspiel was played at Greenacres on Tuesday 24th October. Sheila Smith's Rink of Ewen, Robert H Robert S had a 3 shot win over Gordon McMurdo's Rink of Margaret S, Georgie T and Robert Stables. On the other sheet Rosemary Griffiths Rink of Rhona R, Allan G, and Colin M had a six shot win over Andy Robinson, Billy F and Nancy C. In the second set of games, Andy's rink had a three shot win over Sheila's Rink. Rosemary's Rink had a three shot win over Gordon's Rink with Rosemary winning the competition by nine shots up, Sheila's rink ended on 0 shots up. Andy's Rink on three shots down with Gordon on six shots down.