Rotating Skips Bonspiel

The Rotating Skips Bonspiel was held at Greenacres Icerink on Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 6;00PM ice.

The winners were the team of James R.Carswell, Robert Stables and Billy Ferrie with a score of +3 shots. Closely followed by the team of Brian Heron, Andy Connie. and Nancy Cameron with a score of +1 shot.


Points Competition

James R. Carswell won this competition with a startling score of 60 points. This is only 12 short of the maximum possible score of 72 and is the highest score recorded for both the  Neilston and the 12th Province Points competitions.

Brian Heron was second with his highest Points score of 52 points and Sheila Smith third with 39 points.

Afterwards, members retired to the Annual Curling Supper hosted once again by Andy and Rhona.

2018-19 Season Reid Rosebowl Bonspiel

The Reid Rosebowl Bonspiel was held at Greenacres on 29th October 2018.

Only twelve players could be mustered for this bonspiel so all games were played with all four teams with 3 players each.

In the first round The A1/A2 teams of Colin,David and Georgie beat Brian's team of Robert Stables and Brian's daughter who turned out at the last minute for Neilston,  by 2 shots..

Teams B1/B2 after the four ends were peels so a coin was tossed with James's team of Billy and Alan choosing to stay on the same sheet, with Andy, Robert and Margaret moving to play Brian's Team.

In the second set of ends Robert Andy and Margaret beat Brian by one shot with James Billy and Alan beating Colin's Team by 6 shots making James's Team the Reid Rosebowl winners by +8 shots up with runners up on +1 shot up Robert Andy and Margaret.


2018 Cowdenhall Salver

Neilston CC maintained their hold on the Cowdenhall salver at Greenacres on Tuesday 30th October. Scores to follow.

2018-19 Season Leggat Cup League Tables

The 2018-19 Leggat Cup League Tables are now available to view.

On Neilston Curling Club website click on the Events Tab and on the drop down table that appears click Leggat Cup