President's Prizes Bonspiel Competition

The President's prizes Bonspiel Competition was held at Greenacres on Monday 18th March. 

In the first matches, James H Carswell's Rink of Sheila Smith, Tom Wood and R Humphrey got off to a good start being 3 shots up against Brian Heron's Rink of Bill Ferrie, Margaret Semple and Barbara Wilson. and in the adjacent Sheet James R Carswell's Rink of Ewen Cameron, and Alan Sinclair ending 2 shots up against Andy Robinson's Rink of Andy Connie, Rhona Robinson and Robert Stables. In The second set of ends, Brian's Rink ended with 2 shots up against James R's Rink, with a total of -2 shots for the match and James R Carswell with a final score of 0 shots for the match. In the adjacent sheet James H Carswell's Rink beat Andy Robinson's rink by 1 shot up thus giving James H Carswell  4 shots up in total and thus winner of the Presidents Prizes.

President Andy Connie treated the Rinks to supper after the match, congratulated James H Carswell's Rink in winning the competition, Andy also thanked Greenacres Staff for the preparation and serving of the supper.

McLeod Cup Bonspiel

The McLeod Cup Bonspiel was held on Wednesday 27th February at Greenacres icerink. In the first set of ends, the two 'three member team' rinks played each other with Brian, James and Ewen winning handsomely with +6 shots up over Billy, Andy C, and Robert H. In the other match with full Rinks Tom,Colin,Nancy and Georgie beat Andy R, James, Robert S and Rhona by 3 shots up.  In the second set of four ends Billy, Andy C and Robert H beat Tom,Colin Nancy and Georgie by 1 shot up however Brian, James and Ewen continued in their winning ways by beating Andy R, James, Robert S, and Rhona by 5 shots up, thus winning The McLeod Cup with a total score of 11 shots up. Runners up being Tom, Colin, Nancy and Georgie with a total of +2 shots up.

Jack Barr Memorial Salver

The annual Jack Barr Memorial Salver friendly between Neilston CC and Barrhead Fereneze was played at Greenacres Icerink on Saturday 12th January. Neilston inflicted a heavy defeat on Barrhead winning the match by 32 shots to 3. However a pleasant time was had by all including many of both club members to turned out to support the teams. An excellent meal was enjoyed after the match supplied and served by Greenacres staff.


Robert , Barrhead Fereneze President,

presents Margaret, Neilston Vice President

with Jack Barr Memorial Salver.

Annual Bridge of Weir Friendly Match

In The Annual Bridge of Weir Friendly Match played at Greenacres in February Neilston won by 10 shots to 4, and 5 ends to 2.

Well done to the Neilston CC team.

Winners of Kirktonfield Cup 2019

The final of the Kirktonfield Cup took place on Monday 17th December at Greenacres Ice rink.

Winning Rink was Brian Heron, Andy Robinson, Nancy Cameron and Margaret Semple who beat James R Carswell, Andy Connie, Alan Sinclair and Georgie Travers by 11 shots to 8.     Sorry No Picture available of winners.