Que Sera Quaich

Que Sera Quaich - Past Winners

Que Sera Quaich was first presented in 2008 by the late Bruce Henry in memory of his partner Vivian Kerr (and named after her horse) for presentation to the winners of the Rotating Skips Bonspiel – “What will be”


Season Que Sera Quaich
2007-8 Andrew Robinson Bill Ferrie Robert Humphrey
2008-9 Malcolm Baker Dorothy Gormlie Barbara Wilson Adelle McLaughlin
2009-10 Bill Ferrie Colin Melrose James R Carswell
2010-11 Ewen Cameron Robert Humphrey Gordon McMurdo Colin Melrose
2011-12 Brian Heron Alan Griffiths Andy Connie Matthew McConnell
2012-13 James H Carswell, John Young
2013-14 James H Carswell, Gordon McMurdo, Dorothy Gormlie.
2014-15 Billy Ferrie, Colin Melrose (Doubles)
2015-16 James H. Carswell, Colin Melrose Robert Humphrey (Rotating Skips)
2016-17 Billy Ferrie, Andy Robinson, Brian Heron, Jonathan Heron (Rotating Skips)
2017-18 Brian Heron, Jonathon Heron Rhona Robinson (Rotating Skips)
2018-19 James R Carswell, Robert Stables, Billy Ferrie