Johnnies Pound -

Johnnies Pound - Past Winners

Johnnies Pound. Neilston CC member, the late John Carswell, Loanfoot Farm Neilston, was always having side wagers as to who could draw their stone closest to the button. This Trophy was presented to the club as a memorial to John Carswell in 1995 and is presented to the winner of a ‘draw the shot’ match which takes place every year directly after the Pairs final.

Season Johnnies Pound
1994-5 Tom Wood
1995-6 James Carswell
1996-7 Andrew Robinson
1997-8 Gerard Wood
1998-9 Rhona Robinson
1999-20 Brian Heron
2000-1 James Carswell
2001-2 Robert Humphrey
2002-3 Brian Heron
2003-4 Margaret Wood
2004-5 Robert Humphrey
2005-6 Brian Heron
2006-7 Margaret Wood
2007-8 Tom Wood
2008-9 Margaret Wood
2009-10 Gordon McMurdo
2010-11 James R Carswell
2011-12 Bill Ferrie
2012-13 James H Carswell
2013-14 Sheila Smith
2014-15  Andy Connie
2015-16 Tom Wood
2016-17 James H Carswell
2017-18 Tom Wood.