Johnnies Pound -

Johnnies Pound - Past Winners

Johnnies Pound. Neilston CC member, the late John Carswell, Kirkton , Neilston, was always having side wagers as to who could draw their stone closest to the button. This Trophy was presented to the club as a memorial to John Carswell in 1995 and is presented to the winner of a ‘draw the shot’ match which takes place every year directly after the Pairs final.

Season Johnnies Pound
1994-5 Tom Wood
1995-6 James Carswell
1996-7 Andrew Robinson
1997-8 Gerard Wood
1998-9 Rhona Robinson
1999-20 Brian Heron
2000-1 James Carswell
2001-2 Robert Humphrey
2002-3 Brian Heron
2003-4 Margaret Wood
2004-5 Robert Humphrey
2005-6 Brian Heron
2006-7 Margaret Wood
2007-8 Tom Wood
2008-9 Margaret Wood
2009-10 Gordon McMurdo
2010-11 James R Carswell
2011-12 Bill Ferrie
2012-13 James H Carswell
2013-14 Sheila Smith
2014-15  Andy Connie
2015-16 Tom Wood
2016-17 James H Carswell
2017-18 Tom Wood.
2018-19 James R Carswell
2019-20 Brian Heron