Broadlie Cup

Broadlie Cup - Past Winners

Broadlie Cup. Presented by Jean Wilson in 1975 for the Pairs Competition.


Season Winners
1986-7 John Hutchison, Lily Brown
1987-8 James Carswell, Jean Wilson
1988-9 John Hutchison, Sheila Holmes
1989-0 John Hutchison, Elma Cuthbertson
1990-1 Lily Brown, Gordon McMurdo
1991-2 Sheila Smith, Tom Wood
1992-3 Anne Hutchison, James Carswell
1993-4 Lily Brown, James Carswell
1994-5 James Carswell, Margaret Wood
1995-6 Andrew Robinson, Greta Holmes
1996-7 Andrew Robinson, Anne Hutchison
1997-8 Anne Hutchison, Malcolm Baker
1998-9 Anne Hutchison, John Hutchison
1999-2000 Bill Ferrie, Rhona Robinson
2000-1 Bill Ferrie, Georgie Travers
2001-2 Sheila Smith, Andrew Robinson
2002-3 Brian Heron, James Carswell
2003-4 James Carswell, Rhona Robinson
2004-5 James Carswell, Dorothy Gormlie
2005-6 John Bray, Andrew Robinson
2006-7 Andrew Robinson, Ewen Cameron
2007-8 Brian Heron, Malcolm Baker
2008-9 James Carswell, Rhona Robinson
2009-10 Sheila Smith, Ewen Cameron
2010-11 James R Carswell, Andrew Robinson
2011-12 Rosemary Griffiths, Gordon McMurdo
2012-13 James H Carswell Rosemary Griffiths
2013-14 Brian Heron, James H Carswell
2014-15 Andy and Rhona Robinson
2015-16 James.H. Carswell, Sheila Smith
2016-17 James R Carswell, Rosemary Griffiths
2017-18 Margaret Semple, James H Carswell
2018-19 Margaret Semple, James H Carswell
2019-20 Georgie Travers, James R Carswell