McLeod Cup

McLeod Cup - Past Winners

McLeod Cup was first presented to the club in 1893 by the Rev. Peter McLeod, Member and Chaplain to Neilston Curling Club, from 1885 until his death in 1896.


Season Winners
1893-4 James Buchanan, William Wishart, Thomas Wilson
1895-6 William Stewart, Thomas Gilmour, James Armour, John Anderson
1897-8 Daniel Rennie, James Smith, James Brown, Thomas Wilson
1900-1 Thomas Anderson, Dr Hutchison, Dr W A Pride, Alex. Whitelaw, Alex. Leggat(Skip)
1902-3 James Gilmour, John Duncan, William Logan, J Anderson(Skip)
1903-4 Dr Hutchison, Robert A Doak, William Wishart, M Anderson
1907-8 D G Nicholson, Peter McMurdo, John Brown, Alex. Leggat(Skip)
1908-9 J K Ritchie, J Carswell, Robert Young, Thomas Wilson
1909-10 William Crawford, A Jones, A R Ferguson, William Wishart(Skip)
1910-11 Andrew Harvie, T Scott, J Miller, J Dunlop(Skip)
1911-12 William Mair, J Heron, Robert Young, W Wishart(Skip)
1913-14 D Inglis, George Donaldson, Alex McNicol, James Dunlop(Skip)
1914-15 William Carswell, David Brisbane, Robert Young, James Dunlop(Skip)
1915-16 George Donaldson, D Rose, William Wishart, A Young
1916-17 William C Carswell, David Brisbane, Robert Harvie, John Heron(Skip)
1917-18 David Mair, Alex McNicol, A Jones, Andrew Harvie(Skip)
1925-26 Samuel Hay, Alex McNicol, D Heron, Andrew Harvie(Skip)
1927-28 H Heron, P Heron, D Heron, David Mair(Skip)
1928-29 Alex McNicol, H Heron, D Paterson, Andrew Harvie(Skip)
1929-30 John Hay, James Stewart, William Wishart, Andrew Harvie(Skip)
1931-32 D Heron(Skip), H Heron, S Hay, T Watson
1932-33 Andrew Harvey(Skip), James Stewart, P Clark, H Heron
1959-60 A D Ritchie, James G Wilson, J M Barr, H Heron
1960-61 D Hutton, A Carswell, J Heron, J S Wilson
1961-62 J Keith, W Neil, G Haydock, H Heron (Skip)
1962-63 John Holmes, A Carswell, J Heron, H Heron
1963-64 J Carswell, John Holmes, Alex McKay, Tom D Wilson
1964-65 D Mowat, Torrence Davidson, J Raeside, H Heron(Skip)
1965-66 J Keith, W Neill, D Mowat, J Heron(Skip)
1966-67 J Carruth, Tom D Wilson, D Hutton, J Carswell(Skip)
1967-68 Molly Crossan, I C McIntyre, J Paterson, J Carswell(Skip)
1968-69 J Carruth, W Neill, J Findlay, Mrs J Carruth
1969-70 J Raeside, J M Barr, D Mowat, Joe Robinson
1970-71 J Carswell, D Rodger, Jean Wilson, W McDonald
1971-72 Tom D Wilson, W Neill, A Carswell, T McArthur
1972-73 J Carswell, J Raeside, J Carruth, Mrs M Carruth
1973-74 Tom D Wilson, H Heron, A Carswell, J Reid
1974-75 Tom D Wilson, J Torrence Davidson, Mary Davidson, J A Carruth
1975-76 D C Rodger, Mary Davidson, J A Carruth, J Paterson
1976-77 Mary Davidson, J B McArthur, John Holmes, Stan Shuttleton
1977-78 John H Carswell, Joe Robinson, Lily Brown, A Leitch
1978-79 Joe Robinson, John Hutchison, Miss L Smith, Alex Mckay.
1979-80 Tom D Wilson, I C McIntyre, Mrs J McIntyre, J Paterson
1980-81 John H Carswell, Greta Holmes, J Stan Shuttleton, J Reid
1981-82 John Hutchison, Christine Robinson, J Carswell, Mrs J McKay
1982-83 John Hutchison, Greta Holmes, Alex McKay, J Reid
1983-84 John Hutchison, Tom D Wilson, Joe Robinson, J Torrance Davidson
1984-85 John Hutchison, Alex McKay, Tannahill Sunter, Elma Cuthbertson
1985-86 Bill Strain, John Holmes, Bill Ferrie, Alastair Alexander
1986-87 Gordon McIntyre, J Paterson, S McLean, Pauline McMurdo
1987-88 John H Carswell, Joe Robinson, James Hutchison, Margaret Holmes
1988-89 John H Carswell, James Hutchison, Pauline McMurdo
1989-90 John H Carswell, Bill Strain, Gordon McMurdo, Alistair Alexander
1990-91 John Hutchison, Joe Robinson, James A Carswell, James Hutchison
1991-92 Bill Ferrie, James Hutchison, Bruce Henry, Sheila Holmes
1992-93 James Carswell, Brian Heron, Gordon McMurdo, Robert Smith
1993-94 Brian Heron, James Hutchison, John H Carswell
1994-95 Brian Heron, James Hutchison, John H Carswell
1995-96 John Hutchison, Jim Moser, Bruce Henry, Gerard Wood
1996-97 Andrew Robinson, Bill Ferrie, James Carswell, Colin Melrose
1997-98 James Carswell, John Hutchison, Brian Heron, Tom Wood
1998-99 Brian Heron, John Hutchison, Bill Ferrie, Marie Strain
1999-00 John Hutchison, Bill Ferrie, Bill Strain, Tom Wood
2000-01 Brian Heron, Sheila Smith, Robert Humphrey, Margaret Wood
2001-02 James Carswell, Brian Heron, Rhona Robinson
2002-03 Jim Robertson, Margaret Wood, Dorothy Gormlie, Ann Bray
2003-04 Andrew Robinson, Brian Heron, Margaret Wood, Georgie Travers
2004-05 Anne Hutchison, Robert Humphrey, Malcolm Baker, Jim Robertson
2005-06 Brian Heron, Bill Ferrie, Rhona Robinson, Sheila Smith
2006-07 Rhona Robinson, Bruce Henry, Robert Humphrey, John Bray
2007-08 Andrew Robinson, Bill Ferrie, Forbes Ferguson, John Bray
2008-09 Bruce Henry, Malcolm Baker, John Bray, Gordon Melrose
2009-10 Rosemary Griffiths, Malcolm Baker, Dorothy Gormlie
2010-11 Andrew Robinson, Bill Ferrie, Barbara Wilson, John Bray
2011-12 Andrew Robinson, James R Carswell, Rhona Robinson
2012-13 Brian Heron, Ewen Cameron, Colin Melrose, Barbara Wilson
2013-14 Brian Heron, Andy Robinson, Billy Ferrie
2014-15 Brian Heron, James R Carswell, Alan Griffiths, Robert Humphrey
2015-16 James R Carswell, Tom Wood, Billy Ferrie, Rosemary Griffiths.
2016-17 James R Carswell, Gordon McMurdo, Margaret Semple Nancy Cameron.
2017-18 Andy Robinson, James H Carswell, David Scougall, Colin Melrose.
2018-19 Brian Heron, James H Carswell, Ewen Cameron
2019-20 James H Carswell, James R Carswell, Colin Melrose, Margaret Semple