MINUTES OF THE 62nd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF NEILSTON CURLING CLUB held in the members’ lounge of Neilston Bowling Club, Kirkton Road, Neilston on Wednesday 16th May 2018.

  1. Present

The following 15 Club members attended:- Ewen Cameron; Nancy Cameron; James H. Carswell; James R. Carswell; Andy Connie; Billy Ferrie; Brian Heron; Colin Melrose; Rhona Robinson; Andy Robinson; Margaret Semple; Robert Stables; Thomas Wood; Margaret Wood and Barbara Wilson.

  1. Apologies

Apologies had been intimated by Rosemary and Alan Griffiths; Sheila and Robert Smith; Robert Humphrey; Gordon McMurdo; David Scougall; Alan Sinclair; Georgie Travers and John Young.

  1. Mairha Holms Memorial Trophy

The Quaich was presented to the Club by Mairha’s daughters, Sue and Lesley. Their mother had been a member of NCC from 1996 until 2000 and of Barhead Fereneze CC from 1998 until 2010. The President thanked Sue and Lesley for their generous gift and then presented the Quaich to the 2017 winners of the Opening Bonspiel.

  1. President’s Remarks

The President, Barbara Wilson, welcomed and thanked all members present for attending the AGM on a fine summer’s evening. Barbara also thanked the other members of the Management Committee; Thomas Wood as Match Secretary and Robert Humphrey as Webmaster for their work for the Club “in a most satisfactory manner”. Barbara also recorded the Club’s thanks to Rhona and Andy for hosting the social evening at their home and to Andy Connie, James H. Carswell and Rhona for organising the Awayday to Stirling and the Prizegiving dinner. It had been a successful year for the Club in external competitions all of which had been mentioned at the Prizegiving dinner. Barbara’s only regret was that, despite our efforts during the year, we had not yet managed to attract any new members.



  1. Minutes of the 61st AGM

The Minutes of the last AGM had been circulated at the start of the season and it was agreed that they did not need to be read by the Secretary. The Minutes were approved on the motion of Rhona Robinson seconded by Colin Melrose.

  1. Accounts & Subscriptions

6.1 The audited Income and Expenditure Statement for the Season 2017/2018 had been emailed to all members prior to the meeting and were spoken to by the Treasurer. There had been a decrease in club funds of £784.32 which was partly caused by the purchase of 100 new badges at a cost of £498. The accounts were approved by the meeting on the motion of Colin Melrose seconded by Ewen Cameron. The Treasurer thanked Robert Stables for auditing the accounts.

6.2 It was agreed that the Club’s subscription should increase to £35, or, for the four members who pay their Curling Scotland subscription via another club, to £35 less their Curling Scotland subs. on the motion of Colin Melrose seconded by Ewen Cameron.

6.3. The Treasurer was asked to look at the rates for lodging the Deposit (which is £12,000 at present) or part of it for a longer period of time (up the 5 years) when it comes around for renewal in September 2018.

  1. Resignations

The Secretary confirmed that he had received notice of resignation from John Young.

  1. Applications for membership

James R. Carswell advised the meeting that he had received an application from Anita Blair which was approved.



  1. Election of Office Bearers

The re-appointment of Billy Ferrie as Treasurer and Secretary; of Thomas Wood as Match Secretary; of Robert Humphrey as Webmaster, assisted by James R. Carswell and Robert Stables as Auditor was approved by the meeting. It was agreed that this would be the final year that Billy Ferrie would continue to be Treasurer and that Rhona Robinson would shadow his work as Treasurer during the year.

The appointment of Andy Connie as President was proposed by Rhona Robinson, seconded by Andy Robinson and approved by the meeting.  Andy thanked Barbara for presiding over the Club for the past year.

The appointment of Margaret Semple as vice-president was proposed by Billy Ferrie, seconded by Barbara Wilson and approved by the meeting. James R. Carswell was proposed as the committee member by Billy Ferrie, seconded by Andy Connie and approved by the meeting.

  1. Competitions

The Club still has 25 members but Robert Smith has asked to play as a Sub. for the season in all competitions. After much discussion the Secretary was asked to apply for “Ice” based on 6 team leagues for the Leggat and the Kirktonfield, a 5 team league for the Salver (playing each team twice as last year) and a Pairs competition with 24 playing members. The “Ice”, which will be applied for, will normally be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Unless we attract new members, we will be one player short in at least one team in the Leggat and Kirktonfield leagues. The approved  solution, was that there should be a pool of five players (drawn at the Management Committee meeting in August) to play as lead in one match for the team which has only 3 players. Members who are drawn to play as leads will be excluded from any similar subsequent draws in the same season. If the lead is not able to play on the night of the selected match, he or she should try to swap with one of the other members who have been drawn to play as a lead in that team, failing which a Sub. should be found from the remaining members of the Club and the normal arrangements would apply. 

It was also agreed that in the Kirktonfield competition there should again be a semi-final between teams 2 and 3 with the winner of that match playing the top team in the league in the final. The Rotating Skip Bonspiel, the Points competition and the Doubles competition (with 2 sheets for the knock out matches and 1 sheet for a final) will be retained. The Secretary was asked to apply again for 2 sheets around 5pm on a Saturday towards the end of November/ start of December for the Points match – the plan being that we would thereafter retire to Bowmore for a curling supper / social evening.

After a vote, it was decided to seed the teams in the Pairs competition into two pots (Skips & Leads and Thirds & Seconds) based on their playing positions in the Kirktonfield League. It was also agreed that if any match starts at 6pm it should stop with the end after 6.50pm or 4 ends whichever the earlier.  

The Secretary had circulated a note of the external competitions at the meeting for the members to indicate their interest. The Secretary was also instructed to confirm that the Club would be participating in the same Province and Curling Scotland competitions as previously. It was also agreed that the Club should pay 50% of the entrance fee of £240, for the team which will be representing the Club in the Scottish Province Championships competition at Greenacres from 9th to 11th November, for which they qualified as winners of the Ram’s Head.

Finally, it was noted that the Club will operate a five stone, free guard zone, if this is approved at the AGM of Curling Scotland.  

  1. Social Events Report

Rhona Robinson reviewed the social events during the year.

12.1 The Social at Bowmore, after the Points competition and the Awayday to the National Curling Academy in Stirling were thoroughly enjoyed by the members who attended these events. Margaret Semple, who as Vice President, becomes responsible for organising next year’s Awayday was asked to consider the practicalities of playing at the new curling facility at Preston, Lancs. as well as the usual Scottish curling venues.

12.2 The Prizegiving dinner was held at Neilston Bowling Club. The food was disappointing but the venue was good and the staff were very attentive. Rhona was asked to discuss with the bowling club possible solutions to the problems which had been encountered as well as investigating alternative local venues for next year’s dinner.

12.3 Andy and Rhona confirmed that they would be happy to host another social evening at Bowmore probably slightly before or early in December 2018 to take place directly after the Points competition.

  1. Donors of Prizes

The following members volunteered to donate prizes for the following competitions:-

Opening Bonspiel – Margaret Semple

Leggat Cup – Rosemary and Alan

Reid Rose Bowl – Barbara

Kirktonfield Cup – Nancy and Ewen

Qué Sera Quaich (Rotating Skip Bonspiel) – Bruce Henry

Greenacres Salver – Margaret and Thomas

Broadlie Cup (Pairs) – Andy and Rhona

Johnnie’s Pound – James R. Carswell

MacLeod Cup – James H. Carswell

Points Shield – Billy

Doubles competition – Sheila and Robert

President's Prizes/Closing Bonspiel – Andy Connie