Local Rules

2014-15 Local Rules.

Local Rules for Neilston Curling Club (as at 13th May, 2014) – LR8, LR10 & LR11 amended)
Local Rule 1
In the event of there being a tie in the number of points in any of the Club’s league competitions (the
Leggat Cup, including League Section of the Knock Out Competition and the Greenacres Salver) the
winner will be determined in accordance with the RCCC rules i.e. the team with the greatest number
of ends won and in the event of there being a tie in this figure, the winner shall be determined on a
count of shots won. In the event of there still being a tie regard shall be had to the result of the match
between the two teams and if there is still no outright winner a play-off match will take place to
determine the winner of the league.
Local Rule 2
For the Bon Spiel competitions (the Opening Bon Spiel, the Reid Rose Bowl, the Rotating Skip
Competition, the MacLeod Cup and the President’s Prizes) the winning team will be the team with
the greatest difference in shots (i.e. shots for minus shots against). In the event of there being a tie,
the winner will be determined on a count of ends won. In the event of there being a tie on the count of
ends won, the winner will be the team which has played the most ends. If this does not produce a
winner they shall draw the shot.
Local Rule 3
In the knock-out competitions (the Kirktonfield Cup and the Broadlie Cup) in the event of there being
a tie at the end of a match (in which no account shall be taken of ends won) the winning team will be
determined by one representative from each team (to be selected by the skip) drawing the shot. The
player to go first will be from the team which won the last end which was not blanked and in order to
win it will be necessary for one of the players to put a stone in the house. It will be competent for the
other team members to sweep the stone but not for the opposition to sweep it through the house.
Local Rule 4
In knock-out competitions, it will be competent for one skip to concede the match on behalf of his or
her team provided the opposing skip agrees. Otherwise, matches shall be played “to the bell.”
Local Rule 5
In the event of any member being unable to turn out on his or her specified session, it is the
obligation of such member to find and arrange for a substitute member to be present in his or her
stead. The member who is not able to play will remain responsible for the payment of the ice and the
substitute will pay a contribution (£2 at the date of publication) towards the Club’s funds. It is the
skip’s duty to collect this contribution and to send it to the Match Secretary along with the signed
card which card should also disclose the fact that a substitute was playing. A member who is unable
to play should endeavour to advise his or her skip that a substitute will be playing or, alternatively,
that he or she is unable to find a substitute. When seeking a substitute that member should try to start
with associates then leads and then seconds.
Local Rule 6
There is no limitation on the number of substitutes who may play in any team in internal competition
matches. In knock-out competitions, the members who play and win the final match will be regarded
as the winners of the competition.
Local Rule 7
In the Bon Spiel Competitions A1 plays B1 and A2 plays B2 and the teams swap after four ends with
each winning team playing the losing team from the other rink.
Local Rule 8
If one team plays with only three players, that team forfeits one, two or three shots in accordance with
the following:-
 If the team has only 3 players at the start of the first end, that team will be penalised one shot
 If the team has only 3 players at the start of the second end, that team will be penalised a
second shot.
 If the team has only 3 players at the start of the third end, that team will be penalised a third
Local Rule 9
Play shall commence as soon as possible after the bell with a minimum of three players. If a
minimum of three players are not available to play thirty minutes after the bell that team will forfeit
the tie and a friendly game should be played. Where one team forfeits a tie, the opposition side will
be deemed to have won by six clear shots and to have won six ends. If the match commences more
than 10 minutes after the bell, the other team will be awarded one end and if it commences more than
20 minutes after the bell, two ends shall be awarded to the other team.
Local Rule 10
Any late arriving player should play in his or her normal position and should join the match when he
or she can throw two stones but may otherwise participate in the match on arrival.
Local Rule 11
A team which starts with four players but is reduced to three players will not forfeit shots if the
player is unable to continue through illness or injury.
Local Rule 12
In the event of the circumstances outlined in the previous paragraphs applying, the side playing with
only three deducts the relevant number of shots from their score at the end of the game. These shots
should not be added to the opposition’s score. It is the skips' job to keep time and to ensure that the
shots are deducted.
Local Rule 13
In the Points Competition, in the event of there being a tie the players will play four shots at (10)
Outwicking. If the competition be still undecided the Umpire shall order that one or more of the
preceding points be played again by the competitors who are equal.
Local Rule 14
One of the two Club members on the Management Committee will be the immediate past President.
One member of the Management Committee will be a member of the Social Committee unless
otherwise agreed at an AGM.
Local Rule 15
At meetings where there is a motion, a counter-motion and any other motion votes will be taken by a
show of hands unless the Chairman determines that the votes will be by a secret ballot of members
present. The other motion will be voted on first and then the counter-motion and then the motion. In
all votes, the Chairman will be entitled to vote and will also have a casting vote in the event of there
being a tie.
Local Rule 16
The position of members as regards promotion and relegation in rinks will be determined on their
team’s performance in the previous year. For the Kirtktonfield Cup knock-out competition, the
members will have the same position as in the Greenacres Salver league (unless league positions are
available). If any member who is promoted to a skip does not wish to play in that position, he or she
will advise the Committee before August and that player will revert to a lead. This change will be
effected before the Committee draws the teams for the impending season. In view of the foregoing
and notwithstanding RCCC Rules for internal club competitions, skips should play last stones.
Local Rule 17
In the final of the Pairs Competition, the match shall consist of seven ends only. In earlier matches
play shall continue until four ends or one hour or the bell (whichever the earlier).
Local Rule 18
The “free guard zone” rule shall apply to all of the Club competitions.