About The Club

The Club

Neilston Curling Club was formed in 1875 at a meeting in The Masons Arms Inn, High Street Neilston, and admitted to the RCCC in 1876.

At the inaugural meeting of the club Mr. A.R. Ferguson was appointed President and Mr. D.M.Doak was appointed Secretary. Matches were played when ice was available at Walton Dam. 

Curling matches were transferred to Lochlibo where a Curling-stone house was built in 1885. Concessions were granted by the Glasgow Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint Railway Company for members and their curling stones to travel between Neilston and Caldwell stations and return for the cost of the single journey. A key for the clubhouse was kept at Caldwell station. 

 In 1885 a social committee was set up, and the first ‘Grand Conversazione and Assembly’ was held in the Masons Arms Inn on the 28th December 1888 where 40 Ladies and 37 Gentlemen enjoyed a social evening at 7/6d per Gentleman, (Ladies free). The committee decided to expend the surplus from the night of £1:12:7d on tea for several deserving old women. At the 6th Conversazione in 1894, 43 gentlemen and 47 Ladies enjoyed a night at The Masons Arms in stormy weather until 4AM, still for 7/6d per Gentleman. 

 A busy curling and social calendar continued, including an International match where Neilston beat Southport 10-7 at a farm near Brampton Station. The club cancelled all matches ‘during the current emergency’ from 1915 to 1919 where the minutes also record that there were insufficient members to form a quorum at the AGM during these war years. 

 In 1919 The club moved to Kirkton Dam and arrangements were put in hand to relocate the Curling-stone house from Lochlibo to Kirkton. The loch and its back drop The Neilston Pad form the Club Badge worn on Neilston CC sports wear, in the club colours of dark blue, light blue and white. 

No outdoor matches were played owing to weather conditions in 1923, and no official matches were played from 1924 until the club was reformed in 1956. The club played all of its indoor matches at Crossmyloof ice rink. Thereafter the club joined Greenacres Curling Rink when Crossmyloof Ice Rink closed in 1982. Ice was also taken for a while at Paisley Lagoon Ice Rink and Braehead Ice Rink. All home games are now played at Greenacres. 

At the 1966 AGM, the club constitution was changed to admit lady members.  In 1997 the Club Constitution was again amended to make all Club Competitions open to Ladies and Gentlemen members. 

Neilston Curling Club has enjoyed success throughout its history in external matches, winning the Greenacres Interclub Championship many times in succession. In recent years Neilston have maintained two teams in the Interclub League Division 1, with Neilston teams being winners and runners up in the 2005/06 season. 

Neilston have also had success in the Barratt Cup having won the Cup in successive seasons 2005/06 and 2006/07. Neilston CC most recent external competition success came in winning the 12th. Province  Ram’s Head competition in Season 2009-2010.